About Us

What we believe


As people, God has blessed all of us with the ability to serve others in some capacity or another. Holding a door open for someone, letting someone have the right away in traffic, or a simple hello. It fills our hearts to bless families and little ones with joy.  

Our Goals


We hope to grow our program to provide hundreds of bikes annually for children with parents needing a hand. Providing a way for others to help has allowed us to reach more children while allowing you the opportunity to bless someone also. Join us in bringing joy to children's lives. 

Frank and Tracy


My wife and I started this effort in 2016 and started with just two bicycles. As each year grew with more bikes people began to ask how they can help. That's why we created this website. I enjoy putting most of the bikes together myself and have even been known to take one for a spin! Watch for videos of this as Tracy is always trying to catch me on a bike!